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Right place for a dream vacation!

The Hotel

Las Palmeras is a place to escape to; it is a hidden tropical hotel on Little Corn Island. You can fall asleep and awaken to the relaxing sound of the ocean waves and be surrounded by palm trees.

In 2022 they were a massive hurricane that washed away all the beaches in front of the hotel, you can swim in front but there are no beaches, there is a small dock where you can relax and sunbathe, and you can jump right into the sea.


The hotel property is lush with palms, and an ocean-view restaurant, private, and secure open from 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM (Bar opens till 8:00 PM). Our rooms are rustic and bright with walk-out terraces with chairs for you to relax. also have a deck with hammocks and chairs to soak in the everlasting sun.

Staying at Las Palmeras offers you the real local experience as you walk from the wharf passing the school into a local neighborhood; steps to local shops, food markets, and freshly-baked goodies. You won't miss the bright pink building as you arrive.




The Corn Islands are located about 50 miles east of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Little Corn is only about 1.5 sq miles in size, but bursting in character. 

Peaceful with untouched pristine beaches and the cool ocean breezes to complement the ever-present sunshine. This island will give you the warmth, peace, and serenity you need.

Home to around 800 people speaking Creole English and Spanish, this is one the most friendly places you’re likely to find, with a real sense of community and people willing to talk with you and share their experiences, as well as help you out.


Little Corn has so much to offer and is a lot of fun to explore. Come prepared to walk everywhere because you won't find any cars on this island.

As the Island electricity is run by a generator the power comes on from 1:00 PM until 6:00 AM every day. so make sure to charge your electronic device at night.



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